"Great stories happen to those who can tell them."

- Ira Glass

What makes us different

Our Mojo

We see storytelling as a living and breathing process that must be nurtured into existence by a team of visionary creatives working in perfect unison.

It's more than just shooting pretty pictures to make something click and tick with audiences. We're in the business of making human connections with viewers and that all starts with finding everything we can about you.

So get ready to make new friends and get cozy with our team of creatives!

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We're On It

All great stories begin with questions. So we start by asking a simple one: Who are you? We want to know you, to understand your brand or product inside and out. We want to hear your ideas and vision.

To get a sense of the style and tone you want, we ask you to share any inspirational materials (existing commercials, videos, books, magazine ads, etc.). We also research your competitors and come up with marketing strategies to make you stand out.

Through collaboration, we will learn how to develop these seeds of ideas into compelling stories to share with your audience.

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Prepping It Real Good

Once we have the main concept in place, we start the gritty work of planning for the video shoot. This includes making a shot list, a shooting schedule and finding the right actors to capture the vision. We also scout for the perfect location, which isn’t hard since Sacramento and the surrounding areas offer so many incredible backdrops.

And of course, we have to write the script, which is the soul of the project. We work with you to develop an outline that incorporates what makes your brand unique and we find the right tone to connect to your audience. Now you’re one step closer to your story coming to life.


Story Development

People & Places



On Location

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We're On It

This is where all of our pre-production efforts pay off. Where we execute our creative plan.

We can’t emphasize enough that story is the heart of each project we take part in. It is the mission of our video production crew to give you the most compelling rendition of your vision.

Armed with a script, fancy video gear and lots of coffee, the film crew is ready to execute the script and capture cinematic goodness.

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Assembling It All Together

Enter the cutting room. Our award winning editors will assemble the most cohesive and compelling story to resonate with your audience. Things like rhythm and pacing are meticulously cared for to craft the heartbeat of your story.

Then comes the delicate art of sound design, color grading, and VFX. Sound immerse your audience in the story, color grading sets the mood and style, and VFX that added layer of visual flair when needed. All these arts are executed in a well balanced manner to compliment one another and bring the heart of your story to the forefront.


Cutting Room



Let's Work Together

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