We specialize in video production of powerful and captivating stories to help you connect with your audience. From the trenches of television commercials, documentaries, promotional videos or corporate videography, we’ve got you covered. Our award-winning team of creatives can grow the seed of an idea into a vivid experience that viewers feel deep in their souls.

Fallen Leaf Films has the talent and tools to bring story to life, but before we can do that, we need you to tell us your story.

Trusted Video Production Services

Strong partnerships and lasting friendships. Our clients are more than just companies we produce video content for. They are friends, collaborators, folks we respect, industries we admire, and communities we value.

From humble beginnings we have been blessed to encounter, connect, and work with some of the brightest and most inspiring brands, companies, and individuals all over the world.

These companies trust Fallen Leaf Films with their video production needs time and time again.

Video Client Logo - Specialized Bicycles
Video Production by Fallen Leaf Films Comcast Client Logo
Video Client Logo - National Georgraphic
Video Client Logo - Tastemade
Video Client Logo - Kaiser Permanente
Video Client Logo - SMUD
Video Client Logo - Men's Health
Video Client Logo - Univision
Video Production by Fallen Leaf Films AVRS Client Logo
Video Production by Fallen Leaf Films Open ROV Client Logo
Video Production by Fallen Leaf Films World Master Athletics Client Logo
Video Production by Fallen Leaf Films Stanford University Client Logo
  • S-Works Venge bicycle photo
    S-Works Venge by Specialized
  • Life Music Video Banner Photo
    “Life” Music Video
  • Promotional-Video-Thumbnail-of-Clinique-Happy actress in golden pasture field
    Clinique Happy
  • Travel-video of Inca Trail and a Journey to Machu Picchu
    Journey to Machu Picchu
  • Trevor-Travels-Eco-Foundation-Kickstarter-Video-Thumbnail of trevor and his dog on cliff
    Trevor’s Travels
  • Organic Transit Elf promotional video thumbnail depicting white color Elf vehicle in brick alley in Sacramneto, California
    Organic Transit
  • Bishops Pumpkin Farm video thumbnail of farmer with tractor pulling hundreds of pumpkins
    Meet the Bishops
  • AVRS corporate video thumbnail
  • Specialized Destination-Trail-Spain-Feature-Images
    Destination Trail
  • I Am Specialized Kate Courtney Athlete Profile Video Feature Image
    I Am Specialized – Kate Courtney
  • Ghana Documentary Image of Village Family Walking
    Changing Lives Together

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