From the album American Crooner

Act: 1

A music-video that would resonate not only with fans but also with family and loved ones was Josh’s requests. Something very personal yet universal.

After listening to the song and meeting Josh we were immediately hooked! Awesome lyrics, music and Josh an all around good guy. That same day we began tossing ideas around to see what would stick. After a few creative brainstorm sessions and a couple of brewskies we came up with something we felt was legit.

The concept and story centers around the life and love story of Josh’s parents as he takes a trip down memory lane to say one final good-bye. Personal, yet universal…enjoy!


  • Client: Josh Pfeiffer
  • Production: Fallen Leaf Films
  • Director: Alejandro Guimoye
  • Cinematographer: Michael Spranger
  • Editor: Alejandro Guimoye
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