Bishop's Pumpkin Farm

In the mid 1930s, Wayne Bishop and Dorothy Pryer graduated college, married, and headed westbound for California and within a few years, established a small dairy in Arboga.

Their son Bill and his wife Sandy, took over the dairy in the early 1960s, purchased 40 acres, and the farmstead. In 1973, Sandy planted about an acre of pumpkins in a small field in front of the house and invited the local schools to come out on field trips. Sandy had been a teacher and she knew how much kids could learn from visiting a real farm. The pumpkins would just be an excuse to get the kids out.

The field trips proved popular, and Bill and Sandy soon learned that many of the kids wanted to bring their families back on the weekends. More and bigger pumpkins were planted the following year and the rest is history.


  • Client: Bishop's Pumpkin Farm
  • Production: Fallen Leaf Films
  • Director: Alejandro Guimoye
  • DP/Cinematographer: Michael Spranger
  • Editor: Alejandro Guimoye
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