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John Adams Academy

John Adams Academy operates Northern California’s only tuition-free, TK-12 classical leadership education charter schools. The academy is preparing future leaders and statesmen through principle-based education centered in classics and great mentors.  

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Filming Inside the Academy

Production consisted of wrangling lots of gear and kids! With over 200 kids on campus upon our arrival logistics played a huge part in making sure we followed our shooting schedule to the T. 

During our pre-production scout we identified opportunities for natural light and took note of window placement throughout the campus. During the video shoot we operated with two nimble film crews simultaneously to capture interviews on cam A and b-roll footage on cam B. We did get extremely lucky with the students who listened and took direction quite well behind cameras and specially during the video shoot. 

Our staff and kids really enjoyed participating in telling our story and mission. Everything came together nicely and and very proud of what we produced with the help of Fallen Leaf Films.

Dr. Dean Forman


John Adams Academy dean testimonial on working with fallen leaf films for their promotional video

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