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We got a chance to spend the day with SMUD Electrician Troy Hearn and capture a day in his life on and off work. Troy’s rewarding career makes a huge difference for him and his family by providing an amazing lifestyle and job that he loves.

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Shooting on Location

We only had a 3 hour window to get all of our shots at SMUD headquarters.

We decided to forgo the usual corporate on camera interview due to our limitations on time and focus on b-roll. We opted for a two-camera setup and drone. We kept our lighting to a minimal mostly utilizing diffusion and bounces outdoors and a portable 1K LED indoors. 

For the basketball sequence of the video shoot catching golden hour as Troy and his son shot hoops was crucial and brought nice closure to “a day in the life of” style we were going for. 

We’ve partnered up with Fallen Leaf Films on many projects and they always bring their A game! Great communication and easy to work with.

Jonathan Knox

SMUD Media Specialist

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