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As the journey to rebuilding California continues, thousands of jobs and careers within the construction industry have arisen including anything from welding, maintenance, landscaping, sales and marketing, and so much more. 

CalCima provides you with training so that you can eloquently perform these jobs and help California continue to improve and progress. 

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We were commissioned by the California Community Colleges Workforce & Economic Development to produce a video that would inform, promote and boost inquiries for new and exciting  jobs and careers being created in the construction industry in California.

We had to convey lots of information while keeping the viewer engaged. To reinforce key points we opted for minimalist motion graphics paired with an energetic and thumping soundtrack to keep the pacing going. Although the video’s final running time is over 3 minutes long it feels like a much shorter. Thanks to this the video has received lots of engagement from audiences. 

Our staff and kids really enjoyed participating in telling our story and mission. Everything came together nicely and and very proud of what we produced with the help of Fallen Leaf Films.

Jim Caldwell

Statewide Director and Sector Navigator


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