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Annie’s is on a mission to make Organic for Everybunny. It all starts with delicious organic ingredients that matter – to your family, farmers and the planet. 

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Cooking + Filmmaking

Annie’s contacted us to film a family style dinner scene that would feel candid, fun, and real. We needed to highlight two of their products: bunny grams, and all time favorite, elbow pasta & cheddar macaroni. There was only one catch – a hard deadline of one week for principal photography.

We hit the ground running with casting and scouting locations. Lucky for us our Director of Photography has a beautiful home in the Sacramento Land Park region, which he happily lent for the video shoot. 

Six boxes of macaroni later we had the film in the can as promised before the hard deadline. 


They are professional, responsive, and highly skilled. They scouted talent, provided many options along with a location, and fully understood the task. It was a great experience!

Melody Ainsworth

Content Marketing Specialist

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