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Michael Spranger “THE ADVENTURER”


Michael was sailing in the San Francisco Bay when he was blown away. Not by the ocean wind, but from pictures taken by a photographer he met at sea.

Those eye-catching images inspired Michael to make sailing videos, to show people the amazing view of the world from the water. And that was only the beginning. Combining his two passions of adventure and film, Michael started traveling the globe, working with some of the world’s most successful brands and agencies.

When he’s not hanging off of a sailboat or flying a drone, he enjoys feeding his chickens and tending to his organic garden at home. But Michael’s always armed with his camera, ready for action.

Video Producer Michael Spranger
Alejandro Guimoye Video Director at Fallen Leaf Films Bio Photo

Alejandro Guimoye “THE REBEL”


When he immigrated to the States at age ten from the remote Andes of Perú, Alejandro didn’t know a lick of English. He had to learn a whole new language while dealing with the culture shock of coming from a developing country. But after a few scuffles on the playground he learned.

After he became bilingual, he set out to master another language: storytelling. Armed with a video camera and his maxed out college credit card he set out to teach himself guerrilla filmmaking. Never letting limits (or film permits) get in the way of a good story, he carried this ‘rebel without a crew’ mentality into the world of video production.

Working on his craft like a madman eventually paid off rendering him five Emmy awards and bragging rights at his high school reunion. With a passion turned obsession, Alejandro is on a mission to liberate his next story.

Dr. Brian Donnelly “THE GODFATHER”

Executive PRODUCEr

Dr. Brian Donnelly is the founder and CEO at Learning Curved Inc. a consulting firm that brings together experts in education design and technology with a shared goal of helping students discover and pursue career paths that offer life and career success. 

He holds a Master’s degree in Industrial Design from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and a Doctorate in Education with a focus on Ed Tech from UC Davis. Brian has held higher-ed faculty and administrative positions at UCLA and San Francisco State University and secondary positions at the school site, district and county levels. 

In tandem with his work in education, Brian has an extensive track record of success in industry as a senior industrial designer with two bay area firms and co-founder of a joint U.S./ Taiwan design and manufacturing corporation. He holds 11 patents and has received numerous national and international design awards for his work in the area of universal design.

Video Production Assistant and Junior Editor Jillian Knox

Jillian Knox “DOPE”


Jillian’s love for imagery and problem solving moved her to pick up her first photography camera. Shortly after realizing the power of the lens she began capturing anyone and anything she could get her hands on.

Moved by countless movies and documentaries, she started searching for great stories to be in the presence of. Soon after, she became hooked on the medium of film and obsessed with mastering the craft of story and filmmaking.

Determined to tell stories through a visual medium, she is now looking to use film as an avenue to connect with people all around the world and share in their stories about what they do and love, while establishing her voice as a visual artist. 

Adam Ducharme “THE HUNTER”


As a kid, Adam loved to play with his dad’s Canon Ae-1 and pretend he was a National Geographic photographer. He would lie belly-down in the grass for minutes, hoping some snarling predator would spring out in the suburbs of Boston. The lions never showed up.

But Adam’s photography hobby turned into a full-blown obsession when he saw the documentary film Baraka as a teenager. He experienced how visual storytelling could so elegantly capture the beautiful complexity of the world. Almost 15 years, 40 countries and dozens of cameras later, Adam is truly, madly, hopelessly addicted to filmmaking and always on the hunt for new ways to tell stories.

Adam Ducharme Video Producer at Fallen Leaf Films Bio Photo
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