A Journey to Machu Picchu

The Salkantay Inca Trail

Follow Fallen Leaf Films and Mountain Lodges of Peru along the Salkantay trail, where you will journey through varied terrain both challenging and awe-inspiring


Up-close views of glacier mountain peaks, mysterious fog surrounding fields of boulders, and cattle drives through the most remote of mountain areas are sights that will only enhance the spectacular topography, lush vegetation, and intriguing archaeological areas that you will encounter.


Client: Mountain Lodges of Peru

Production: Fallen Leaf Films & Vibrant Films

Director / DP: Adam Ducharme

Cinematographer: Michael Spranger

Editor: Michael Spranger


"Partnering with Fallen Leaf Films allowed us to truly capture the experience, culture, people and landscapes in a way that felt candid and cinematic."

Jorge Navarro
Travel Director