The Anna Buck Story

A Mother's Challenge

When Anna was diagnosed with breast cancer she was 36 weeks pregnant. Taking the time to process all this was cut short when soon after he diagnosis doctors asked her to come in and have the baby earlier than scheduled. That’s when survival mode hit home and Anna was forced to face the challenge of getting herself and her family through it all.


Such news of a life threatening medical condition puts all things into perspective: life, family, purpose. Anna found comfort in her loved ones and her passion for tennis. Being able to continue practicing the sport at her country club kept her life balanced and moving forward. Arden Hills became more than just a country club for Anna, but rather a place of comfort, mental well being and a path to recovery.


Client: XSiGHT

Production: XSiGHT

Director: Scott Rodier

DP: Michael Spranger

Editor: Jeff Hodges