Changing Lives Together

A Filmmaking Journey
into Rural Ghana

We embarked on a two week filmmaking journey traveling from our Sacramento studio to rural Ghana to make a documentary for NGO Changing Lives Together.

Due to logistics and a tight shooting schedule we were forced to strip our video gear package to the bear bones.
Having limited resources in terms of video equipment and a skeleton crew forced us to be really creative with our camera setups and lighting. For the most part we found ourselves chasing light and shade all day long.

What we lacked in gear and crew we made up with lots of pre-production planning to find the most interesting characters to tell our story and narrowing our locations to only the ones that would truly support and complement our narrative.
We’re blessed to have been part of such an epic adventure and storytelling journey.

Adopting a Village

High school friends George Hanson and Lawrence Kumi made a pact of the heart while Changing Lives Together; the international NGO devised to provide sustainable economic development in impoverished communities in rural Ghana.

For over a decade, every year, George returns to his homeland in rural Ghana and together with Lawrence and the rest of the team at Changing Lives Together they continue their life long mission of establishing self-sustaining systems in healthcare, education, and water & sanitation.

It takes a village to raise a village. Through a “village adoption model” Changing Lives Together is empowering individuals and communities to improve their quality of life.

From declining mortality rates in newborn babies to empowering youth through education, we set off to document the struggles and passion of Changing Lives Together.

"Excellent service and very professional. They are experts at bringing your story to life! Very passionate about what they do."
George Hanson
Founder - Changing Lives Together