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We were approached to create a testimonial video for AVRS Next. The message: AVRS Next is far ahead of the competition. Lucky for us nothing could be more true than the above statement. AVRS Next rethinks your needs to bring you major enhancements in speed, ease of use, accuracy and simplicity.


Our focus was then to step back and create an environment that would allow raving fans and users of the software tell it like it is about what they loved most about AVRS Next.


Client: AVRS

Production: AVRS / Fallen Leaf Films

Director: Michael Spranger

DP: Phillip Briggs

Editor: Alejandro Guimoye

Video testimonial company logo for AVRS


"True professionals every step of the process. From pre-production to final delivery

them boys over at Fallen Leaf Films exceeded our expectations on every turn.”

Andre Peixoto
Director of Brand and Design